1. Hello from Richpanel team!

Over the next 20 mins I'm going to give you a walkthrough of the Richpanel product, all the cool features and help you make the most of Richpanel.

If your company has signed up with Richpanel, they did for one of the below reasons.

  1. Your company wants to automate the redundant tickets with a self-service portal

  2. Reduce agent case loads so we as agents can focus on meaningful and complex conversations

  3. Your company wants to make your life easy by bringing all channels and customer context in one place so we don't have to switch tabs.

Let's get started.


2. Self-service portal

All your customers will start here. The self-service portal will either questions like where is my order, returns, product troubleshooting or it will collect data before it passed the conversation to you. Let's familiarise ourselves with the portal.

2.1. What we'll cover: